Monday, November 7, 2011

On my heart, on my mind

Wow! What a weekend it's been...Benton was SUPER cranky yesterday - he's teething again. He either wanted to be picked up, then would cry to be put down. Once he was put down, he would cry to be picked up. We finally checked his temperature after Steven got home, and poor buddy was running a fever :-( I felt like a bad mom not knowing he was sick. He's feeling a little better today, but slept a lot according to daycare.

I've just got a few things on my heart and on my mind that I need to get out there and ask for thoughts/prayers.
  • My friend Reanna's little boy, Benson, had a big setback this weekend. He was born October 11th, along with his twin sister, Ainsley. Ainsley is now home and doing well, but Benson has been found to have had a stroke. He is doing okay, but the long-term implications are unknown. They are on my mind and on my heart...
  • My friend Justin and Bonnie are attempting to adopt two beautiful children. They've been through a lot of setbacks and are experiencing trials and tribulations everyday in the adoption of their children. They are on my mind and on my heart...
  • One of my friends is getting ready to undergo some treatment for fertility. She is an awesome woman, and he is a wonderful man. They will make amazing parents. I hope that this treatment works, and they are blessed with a child soon. They are so deserving...
I am thankful for having great friends, who are with me through thick and thin. I hope that this little note lets them know that they are constantly on my mind, on my heart, and being thought of. I am there with you, through it all.

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