Thursday, March 11, 2010

First Comes Love...

SUPRISE!! We're PREGNANT!!! We found out Feb 13th, and had it confirmed by two at home pregnancy tests on the 13th and 14th. What a GREAT Valentine's day present! I went to the Dr (my pcp) on Monday the 15th, and had a blood test - POSITIVE too! So, it's official...we're growing our own little pumpkin.
Sooie and Rae are worried, we're cleaning, organizing...not being ourselves. I'm worried to see what they do when the baby arrives! Sooie will be VERY VERY upset, Rae will think we brought her a new toy!
I've been feeling pretty good - nauseated, slightly sick, VERY tired, but I know it's all for a good reason. I've seen my hemotologist - most of you know that I have anemia due to lack of absorption of iron (due to Chron's disease). She's seeing me every 4 weeks or so to check my hemoglobin and iron levels - so far, so good. I had 1 week worth of iron infusions the first week after we found out, because my saturation was low (14% - they like me at at least 16%). After the week of venofer, my saturation was at 75% (too high - but we're keeping it!)!! I saw my surgeon in Des Moines a few weeks ago -he was VERY excited for me, and glad that some of his "tricks" of mesh worked - no scar tissue! He acutally recommended my OB - Stephanie Morgan, of the Iowa Clinic. She not only works with all his surgery patients - but ALSO delievered his kids! I figured this was a good endorsement. The only problem with seeing her - is she's in a clinic that passes you around, and I specifically want to see her - this means that my first appointment isn't until the 29th - I'll be 10 1/2 weeks! But that's okay - I already have my second visit scheduled with her - so it looks like we'll just have to schedule way ahead of time.
I look forward to updating more often guys! I hope you are just as excited as we are! Love and hugs to all!!!
Ally & Steven

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