Sunday, August 8, 2010

Benton's Room

We've been very busy with Benton's room! The chair came in this week and Steven and I borrowed a friend's truck to go pick it up (Thanks Garrisons!) We got it put together (the base on the chair) and set in the corner.

The letters are on the wall above his crib - just waiting for Steven's dad to finish it. He's taking on the amazing task of making him a convertible crib. He's an amazing woodworker and we're very excited!

Some of the artwork is up on the wall - we got the HOGS pictures from the craft fair last year and orginally planned on putting it in the office - but after we found out we were pregnant, it really made me settle on a Razorback Themed nursery - so it was a must to put on the wall, especially with the sports balls in it!

We attempted to put together the travel system last week - and found out it was broken. So we took it back to BRU and exchanged it. Didn't end up getting the exact same one (because Chicco d/c the pattern we had - boo!) but settled with a nice green one.
Next week's agenda: Monday night - go meet and check out the possible daycare provider (in-home). Tuesday afternoon - doctor's appointment in Ankeny. We'll see if Dr Morgan really did schedule my c-section and not let me know :-S Wednesday - payroll at work (yikes!) and the conversion to my new system (ACK!) Thursday and Friday and ALL next week - filling in for the admin in Des Moines - so lots of playing with the new system! On top of all of that - I have lots of sewing to try and do. I need to make new sheets for the cradle (it's not a 'normal' sized I have a few other projects that I'm thinking of trying - making some personalized burp cloths and onsies - we'll see how it goes!

Speaking of sewing - look at what mom is making for the room: This is the valance, it has white curtains with a Razorback ribbon running along the bottom.
She acutally just sent me another picture that I'll post next week of the completed curtains! YEA!!

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