Monday, July 26, 2010

Relay for Life, Ride the Ducks, SDC, and a penguin...

Like I said before - a busy few weeks were ahead of me during my last blog!
Steven and I enjoyed Relay for Life a few weeks ago. We participated with our good friends, the Phinneys. Craig was diagnosed with Colon/Rectal cancer just over a year ago - and went through many of the same surgeries that I have - so I was able to talk to him and help him through things. We became fast friends and have developed an awesome relationship - both professional and personal (friendship). We stayed until about 11:30pm, and at that point, I turned into a pumpkin - must be a pregnancy thing.
The following evening, we joined the Phinneys and many other close friends at our surgeon's house - Michael Page - to listen to a private concert by David M. Bailey. This was the first time I've heard David, and his story. He was awesome, it was awesome, and a good time was had by all.

We painted Benton's room last week - and have worked on it this week too. It's ALMOST done! However - the crib - being made by Steven's TALENTED father - isn't going to be ready this weekend like we had, more time to clean and prepare the room!

Thursday-Sunday was spent in Branson with my family. We met on Thursday evening - mom, dad, Matt, Drew, ETHAN, Steven, and I - and rode the Ducks. The first thing Ethan told me on the ride was "I LOVE VACATION!" He's 2 1/2...he's too cute! We went to SDC the next day and spent a wonderful day there. Ethan was able to ride a few rides with his dad and mom, and grandma too. Steven and I mainly set out - but he was able to ride Powder Keg. Benton prevented me from riding anything but the train and the great shootout...but I still managed to have a good time! Saturday was shopping in the morning, and a frantic dash to find me contacts/glasses as mine broke while we were there - boo! We ended the evening at The Dixie Stampede - which was great food and a really good show. Sunday morning was breakfast and on the road lot of stuff crammed into a few days - but it was great to spend time with the family. My nephew is the cutest thing on earth (right now of course - may be a close second after Benton arrives!) and he had a blast this weekend....
Pictures will come soon - I need to get the off of Steven's computer.

Steven's dad and step-mom are coming this weekend. They're going to Newton to the race, I'm staying home. 90+ degree weather in late July in Iowa for 10+ hours watching cars make "another left turn" doesn't really float my boat...but Zeno's does! (Friday night baby - here I come deconstructed Taco Pizza - yummmm....)
Until then...

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