Wednesday, July 14, 2010

wow...long time, no blog!

The girls got together this weekend in Topeka to meet Amy's baby - Ronin Alan. He's 4 1/2 months old and just absolutely precious!! Of course - we were all too busy talking to take pictures - but we did get a few in before we all left. These girls are my life. We've known each other since about 3rd/4th grade - all attended East Cross United Methodist in Bartlesville together. We've all gone our separate ways since about 6th grade, but somehow - we've managed to stay close and get together (not as often as we'd all like - but we manage somehow).
Somehow - we all managed to also be pregnant (well, sort of) around the same time too! Left to Right - we have Rebekah - who's due in Jan, Amy - who just had Ronin in March, Megan - who's due Oct 17th, and me - who's due Oct 21st. We couldn't have planned this is if we wanted to!
We had a fabulous weekend with great hosts (thank you Wiggs family!) We managed to stay up until 1:30 am or 2 am on Monday morning, talking about life and babies (of course!) Ronin gave me a welcome to mommy hood by graciously spitting up on me Monday morning after his breakfast - it wasn't too bad, and I'm sure he was just making sure I'd get used to it. Benton was responding to sounds of Ronin's crys this weekend too! Amy and Dan are currently working with Ronin to self-soothe, and we were allowing him to cry it out for a while Monday morning while we were talking...well, Benton took exception to this and kicked me a few times, trying to get me to make him least that's what it seemed like to me.
I also had the chance during this quick trip to see my friend from high school, Amanda, get married. The wedding was lovely and the bride was beautiful! Of course - did I take pictures? no...bad bad bad me!
We have our next Dr appt tomorrow! We'll get to hear the heartbeat again - get measured for the first time (fundal height) - and.....gestational diabetes test (UGH!) We had an ultrasound last week to see more anatomy and he's measuring just a tad big (1 lb 11 oz, supposed to be 1 lb 7 oz) so we'll see what Dr Morgan has to say about that.
A big weekend planned with lots of things going on - Relay for Life Friday night, haircut Saturday, concert with the Phinney's and Page's Saturday night, and nursery work on Sunday! I'll try to be more diligent about taking pictures and posting!
Love you guys!

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