Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful Mother's out there. I know I owe my mom a lot of credit for making me the woman I am today. She knows when to hold on, and when to let me make my own decisions. I appreciate it all. There have been many other women in my life that have helped shaped me, you all know who you are - THANK YOU!
So, that being said - is today my first Mother's day? I think so - I'm growing this little life inside me, nurturing it, loving it, and trying to make sure it comes out the healthiest it can. Steven, Sooie, Rae, and the Pumpkin bought me a beautiful card, and the Willow Tree "Cherish" figurine. It's the mom that's pregnant. I LOVE WILLOW TREE! :-) It's beautiful and has a special place on a shelf in my room now. I'm sure once we get the baby's room set up, we'll move it in there.
It's been a cold weekend here in Iowa - but Steven, Tom and Andrea G, and I ventured to Pella yesterday for the Tulip Festival. While many of the Tulips were gone because of the storms last week and this week - it was still a good time. We had great food and good company!
We have busy weeks ahead of us still. PTCB is back in gear, and I'm still teaching classes. 4 in all each week this round. 1 week is down, 3 to go. I go to Waterloo (northeast IA) Wednesdays for class, have a class in Des Moines Thursday evening, and 2 classes in Des Moines on Fridays.
The next dr's appointment is in a week and a half - the 20th! I can't wait to hear the little pumpkin again! I'm hoping that by that time, this nausea will subside. We have the gender ultrasound scheduled for June 8th!!! Many people I've talked to say girl based on old wives tales (me being sick, the position of the baby is higher than the dr expected at our 14 week appt, etc), but we'll have to see!
Wishing all the Mother's out there a VERY HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, may it be filled with love and laughter. I love you mom!
Until next time!

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